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Chick Flicks
A movie critic looks in the mirror

Mackinac Island is the gateway to Michigan's fabulous Upper Peninsula, and also the filming location for a lesser-known chick flick called "Somewhere in Time". The night before I boarded the ferry, I watched the movie, mainly because the cinematographer would have scouted out the island and collected the most photogenic spots for the movie. OK, I was looking to steal ideas.

As feared, sex and violence had not even an honorable mention in the movie. Not one car chase!

The Rachmaninoff Rhapsody and the Somewhere in Time theme by Roger Williams did soften my facade, as did my heart throb Jane Seymour, but it was Christopher Reeve who took my breath away.

Watching him become Seymour's hero, my mind's eye saw Superman's cape and red panty hose, and his demise and death were chilling reminders of how we all may unexpectedly be acting out today who we will be tomorrow.

All that inspired me to get off my macho horse and listen to the message, the proposition that love can wield tremendous power over our lives. I surprised myself at how sensuous a first kiss can be. Not getting to first base, but a fiery acceptance that love will be given control.

This challenged my long-held notion that we guide love, or at least guide lust into love. No more do I feel that we interview soulmates, pick the one with the most boxes checked, and then sail away with our hand on the tiller.

Seymour asks, "Is it you?", not for Reeves to answer, but for the Great Spirit who knows and guides such things.

I spent the day on Mackinac Island a proper tourist, but always mindful that it was where the liability of everyone's heart was revealed, where we who pretend to be in charge were once again shown the power of Khalil Gibran's words, "Seek not to guide the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, shall guide your course."

On the ferry ride back, I wondered how many such chick flicks I discarded without understanding their significance, how much they could have helped me be a better man. No, I'm not looking to touch my feminine side, gag me with a spoon, but I regret having feared to enter such rooms and now, even allowing myself to get wet in the eyes. I lament those years lost where I could have been holding hands with my sweetheart, sharing popcorn while we had the courage to open our hearts to lessons of romance and humanity. Fortunately, Chris Reeves pointed out to me that while I am still on stage, I can adjust my course, drink as deeply as I wish of wonders within, and go to lots more chick flicks.

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Portent of life to follow

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Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island

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View from the top

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Indolent rich MIA

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Two for two

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Harping with heart

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Napping while life is good

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