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Giving Back
Leaving the place better than we found it

Southern Nevada is where I returned to California and ended this RV photo adventure. But another adventure replaces it, an exciting one. The bad news is that I will be going to prison. The good news is that it's a women's prison.

OK, I'll explain. I will be training inmates in a women's prison just south of Portland, Oregon. And then they will go to work for Web4VI, a business I'm launching to provide jobs with a future to inmates so they won't go back to prison after release.

And the work I will teach them to do? They will be reviewing websites and providing recommendations to webmasters about how to make their websites accessible to blind people.

We photographers love contrasts, and this promises to deliver that beyond measure. I will be trading the freedom of the road for its opposite, days of regimen where I and my students must follow strict guidelines about most every aspect of our lives. Arriving without a care in the world, I will become responsible for felons and their return to the outside, to help them build communities instead of attacking them. I am just starting to feel the weight of that.

And to complete the contrast, I will be concluding this tour of wonder and beauty to help those who can never enjoy one of my photographs.

I invite each of you to join me in this next adventure and support my crowdfunding campaign by clicking this link:

If this past trip has taught me anything, it's that each one of us has won the lottery. So many miracles at our fingertips. Starting with a birthright of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we open our eyes every morning to unlimited possibilities. After so many years of making use of America's treasures, it's time for me to give back. Come join me.

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Love entangled

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Superman flies down Mosaic Canyon

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Hiking with heart

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Rhyolite ghost town

For more pictures of Southern Nevada, click here.

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